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Published:July 28th, 2012 21:38 EST

Pop Tart Katy Perry: Pull The Plug On The Internet

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Someone please pull the plug on the internet. Does it really better us as humans?"

Katy Perry Tweet

This pearl of wisdom comes from the pop star who has 24, 017, 721 and counting Twitter followers.


Perry frequently updates her Twitter feed, if she has a satisfying bowel movement her Twitter followers will be the first to know.

Katy uses Twitter to hawk her movie and records, and she mentions brand name products, for which she is richly compensated.

And there`s nothing wrong with that, we all use social media to spread our message, and to make a few bucks.

Perry must have tweeted her thoughts on the Internet when she was sitting on the toilet, I applaud her skill at multi-tasking but her tweet about the Internet is crap.

We need more people plugging in to the Internet; in fact I would say that if you aren`t plugged into the Internet you fall short as a human being.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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