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Published:July 29th, 2012 18:02 EST

Panhandler Called 'Weed Head' A Big Star In The Big Apple

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York City panhandler says he makes about $200 a day taking pictures with fans as his alter-ego, `Weed Head.`

`So many people come up to me for my autograph -- and I`m not even Justin Bieber!` said the Jamaican-born Antonio Laird, 29.


Laird`s fans line up to take pictures with him as he is dressed in a cardboard box with pictures of marijuana on his head, the New York Post reported Sunday."


The secret to success in America is having a cool nickname, it doesn`t matter if you are an athlete, a movie star or just a regular Joe, and if you have a catchy nickname you will go far in life.

There are millions of pot lovers in the Big Apple, but it`s the one who calls himself "Weed Head" who is getting all the attention.

Who wouldn`t want to have his picture taken with a dude with pictures of marijuana on his head?

This gentleman dispels the notions that weed lovers are slackers; this dude is raking in money selling "Weed Head" T-shirts on his Web site.

Mr. Weed Head has been interviewed by the media, and he has even been offered his own reality series.

I need a cool nickname, any suggestions? (That can be printed in a family newspaper.)

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