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Published:July 31st, 2012 11:20 EST

Lindsay Lohan Demands Male Crew On Movie Set Strip Before She Does! Shameless Hussy!

By Robert Paul Reyes

The actress initially refused to go topless for a steamy encounter in her new movie `The Canyons,` but changed her mind after filmmakers fulfilled her request to join in the flesh-flashing.


Lohan, 25, was reportedly hesitant to unleash her bare breasts, but willingly shed her clothes after the 10-man team reappeared in only their boxers."

Fox News

Keep in mind that this is the same actress who has posed nude for Playboy, and who has a penchant for exposing her nether regions to the paparazzi.

This shrinking violet refused to expose her breasts until the male crew stripped down to their underwear. This is either a power play by the train wreck or a cheap way of ogling at guys in their undies.

The men who stripped down to their drawers at the behest of the pop tart are a bunch of wussies. I hope that at least one of them has the balls to sue Lohan and the producers for sexual harassment.

Doesn`t anyone have the guts to tell the troubled actress: NO!

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