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Published:July 31st, 2012 12:39 EST

What Passengers Do On Planes For Fun

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Just 10 percent of U.S. airline travelers say they work while on a plane, while most say they relax and pursue leisure activities, a survey indicates.

The survey found reading for fun tops the list of airplane activities at 32 percent.


Fourteen percent of respondents said they slept when they traveled by plane, 12 percent said they read business books and publications, 7 percent said they watched in-flight movies and 2 percent played computer games"


How in the name of God can anyone pursue leisure activities when stuffed like a bunch of sardines in a plane with crying babies,catatonic mothers, cranky flight attendants, farting old dudes, snoring slackers, and chatty teenagers?

When I`m in an airplane surviving the experience with my sanity intact is my only imperative. I pretend I`m deaf and dumb, and I read, not for fun, but to dissuade others from interacting with me.

The only fun thing I do on an airplane is fantasize that the plane crashes, and I`m the only survivor. The concept of having fun on an airplane is hilarious.

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