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Published:August 2nd, 2012 12:42 EST
Israel, Human Rights, and Netanyahu's Policies

Israel, Human Rights, and Netanyahu's Policies

By SOP newswire 


The above piece, in Huffington Post, articulates perfectly the blindness of Netanyahu`s extreme right-wing policies. He sees himself as a latter-day Messiah whilst the rest of the world with the possible exception of AIPAC, views him as a leader of an oligarchy that is leading his country into oblivion within the next ten years.


No state in history lasts for long when it builds its foundations on the persecution of another people.


Israel in the West Bank today is like South African government when it demolished District 6 in Cape Town and forcibly relocated its population in order to plan its redevelopment with wealthy whites. Its plan never materialized. District 6 stands today as monument to the brutality and bastardisation of political power gone wrong. It has never been redeveloped but is a constant reminder of good over evil and of the power of truth over state propaganda.


Netanyahu will be gone in a year or two or sooner and eventually the state of Israel will either embrace the concept of human and civil rights or will disappear in a radioactive cloud of dust leaving history to record the Jewish state that existed for a few decades during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Douglas Reed