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Published:August 9th, 2012 17:23 EST
Is Political Zionism a Democratic Movement for Peace?

Is Political Zionism a Democratic Movement for Peace?

By SOP newswire2

Is political Zionism a democratic movement that works for peace or an oligarchy that wants war?

Is its claimed link to the ancient religion of Judaism, solid or tenuous?

Would Theodor Herzl, its founding father, be proud at how Zionism has interpreted his vision of an agrarian society that lives in peace and co-operation with its neighbours?

Why have all American presidents, since Nixon, turned a blind eye to Zionism`s undeclared nuclear weapons program?

Why do Evangelical Christians support a Zionist state and would it be able to exist without their undoubted influence upon US foreign policy?

Why does the Netanyahu government treat the UN with such disdain given that it is the international authority that gave it birth in 1948?

Is US support for just 5 million Zionists in the form of billions of dollars in aid every year a true representation of the will of 308 million Americans, 45 million of whom do not have enough food to feed their own families?

If there is an unprovoked military attack upon a non-nuclear Iran, will the inevitable retaliation that will impact the Middle East and the wider world be acceptable? What will be the consequences of such an attack turning nuclear in the face of massive Iranian retaliatory action?

Is Europe willing to accept the possibility of a nuclear conflict and the consequent radioactivity that could contaminate the soil and crops and damage human, animal and plant life for a decade?

Why would Europe support a war against Iran given the enormous risks involved and what would Europe stand to gain by such an unprovoked attack against a UN member state?

By Douglas Reed