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Published:August 11th, 2012 12:04 EST

Roadkill Raccoon Becomes Internet Sensation

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Pennsylvania road crew inadvertently granted 15 minutes of posthumous fame to a raccoon that became road kill.

The unlucky raccoon provided a palette for the state road crew, which was painting double yellow lines on a road Aug. 2 in Johnstown. The crew tried to stop the paint gun when they spotted the raccoon, but it was too late.


The painted corpse was still in the road when Sean McAfee came by on his motorcycle. He said he did `a double-take laugh.`"


Right after McAfee was done laughing, he rushed home got his camera, returned to the scene of the road kill, snapped a pic of the hapless raccoon, and posted it on Facebook.

The photograph of the raccoon with a yellow line down its back was such a hit, that McAfee is selling prints for $15.00.

What a great country, even a dead raccoon enjoys 15 minutes of fame. But where`s my 15 minutes of fame? Do I need to post a pic of me eating a dead raccoon sandwich on Facebook to become famous?

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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