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Published:August 12th, 2012 20:42 EST
Global Warming: More Destructive than A Category 5 Hurricane

Global Warming: More Destructive than A Category 5 Hurricane

By Ron G Anselm

If you think about the title of this article, Global Warming: More Destructive than a Category 5 Hurricane it really does make sense. A category five hurricane is a force not to be reckoned with but at least once the hurricane reaps its wrath wherever it may make landfall; the storm eventually is over and calms once again into a sea of white and fluffy cumulus clouds that float gently over the rolling hills and landscape as the once ferocious entity has now turned into an entity equal to a kitten purring in its mothers grasp. It is temporary and over quickly and the storm has come and gone but ...

In the case of Global Warming the devastation and destruction to our planet is permanent and ongoing. We have not heard much on the news about Global Warming lately but don`t think for a minute that because Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News is not telling us about another phenomenon happening because of Global Warming occurring that the effects of this negative force on our Earth is not making headline that it is over or not still ongoing because it is.

Everyday more and more devastation to our planet is happening due to Global Warming and the effects it is having is the equivalent to chipping away at a giant ice cube with a giant ice pick. Eventually (as in the case on our planet with the ongoing effects of Global Warming) the giant ice cube will began to crack and break and in time will go from being a solid cube into a pile of small ice cubes. In other words the effects of chipping away at the ice cube is equal to the effects of Global Warming on our planet and over time the ice cube with the chipping cracks and breaks and becomes nothing more than a pile of chopped ice and ice cubes as in the same effect on our planet with Global Warming but I can`t say what our planet will become over time while Global Warming chips away at our environment.

According to a study published in the journal Nature and conducted by some of the climate scientists who were involved in the influential 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

"This is the first study to formally link observed global changes in physical and biological systems to human-induced climate change, predominantly from increasing greenhouse gases," said study reviewers Francis Zwiers of Environment Canada and Gabriele Hegerl of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. (, 2012)

NASA scientists have also has been monitoring the effects Global Warming is having on our planet. They have compiled about 29,500 various reports that the effects are having on our Environment and Ecosystems. A lot of the effects in the reports were physical as in the case of the melting of Patagonia`s ice fields of Arctic permafrost, or the earlier break-up of Mongolian river ice and unprecedented coastal erosion. Other reports showed Behavioral evidence the effects of Global Warming is having on our Environment as in the case of the earlier arrival of migratory birds to Australia, and others dealt with changes in populations, such as the decline of Antarctic krill stocks and overall productivity of Lake Tanganyika. Even genetic changes, such as those in North America`s pitcher plant mosquitoes, were included. (, 2012)

I remember in one of the other articles on the effects of Global Warming where a trucker was hightailing it down one of our main highways in the Northern United States when he just about jackknifed his trailer has he looked over and saw a heard of Armadillos strutten down the side of the highway as if it was just another normal day in their environment. I also said either these armadillos were snorting crack and became lost or there is something seriously wrong with our natural ecosystems in our environment as a result of the effects that Global Warming is having on our planet.

For those of you that may not know the natural habitat of the armadillo, they are normally found in the extreme Southern part of our country such as Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama and probably Florida where the temperature basically never tips below on the Fahrenheit thermometer below sixty-five degrees. So, I doubt these armadillos missed their exit on the highway and ended up a couple of thousand miles out of their jurisdiction of where they normally hang out.

I know there are still some out there that think these drastic changes could be the result of deforestation where the manmade effects of destroying our natural resources such as our forests by cutting them down for wood and expansion of business and housing or even how we dump chemicals from factories into our rivers and pollute them are the culprit of these drastic changes happening in our environment. Not the case at all.

"Since 1970, there`s been about 0.5 [or] 0.6 degrees Celsius [0.9-1.1 degrees Fahrenheit] of warming - that`s the global average," said researcher Cynthia Rosenzweig of NASA`s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, "and look at all the effects this relatively low amount of warming has had. It reveals the sensitivity to relatively low amounts of warming in many physical and biological systems. This provides up-to-the-minute impetus that climate change is changing how the world works," she said. "We need to get our act together." (, 2012).

Yes, we do need to get our act together and as we can`t repair the damages we have already done to our ozone layer from greenhouse gasses we can at least continue to limit the damages by monitoring this major problem and continue to evaluate it as we strive to stop the effects of Global Warming (if at all possible) or at least limit these effects so our children and their children can live in an environment with the same natural beauty and wonder as we did and our parents and grandparents did and so on.


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