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Published:August 12th, 2012 18:33 EST

Kim Kardashian Thrilled With Song Kanye West Wrote About Her: Perfect Bit*h

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Kanye recently sang `Perfect Bit*h` at a party and tweeted, `I wrote the song `Perfect Bit*h` about Kim.` He later deleted the post."



Kardashian said she was "honored" by Kanye`s tribute. It`s not surprising that a woman who filmed a home-made sex tape and then leaked it online, has no problems being called a female dog by her boyfriend.

I hope she realizes that due to her skanky antics millions of people, not just her boyfriend, think of her as a bit*h.

"Perfect Bit*h" can only mean that Kardashian excels in acting like a dog whose only imperative it is to rut and eat.

Anybody who keeps up with the Kardashians is enabling a "Perfect Bit*h."

Shame on any mother who lets her precious daughter watch any of the Kardashians` reality shows; don`t be surprised if your daughter grows up to be a "Perfect Bit*h."

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