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Published:August 12th, 2012 11:51 EST

Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Goes Bonkers At Francesca Eastwood's Birthday Party

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Us Weekly reports that Lindsay Lohan caused a massive scene at Hollywood hot spot Bootsy Bellows Tuesday night where Francesca Eastwood was celebrating her birthday with a small circle of friends.


According to the report, Francesca and her guests were seated in a private area when Lindsay came over and started screaming that Francesca should leave, shouting, `I`m a star, she`s a nobody, get her out of here!`

`I`m not sure what exactly sparked Lindsay`s outburst,` Francesca adds. `Regardless, I still had an amazing birthday and Parent Trap is still my favorite movie.`"


Lohan is persona non grata in Hollywood, and she`s never invited to any parties. That`s why you often read that the troubled actress crashes a party, and then gets kicked to the curb.

This time the train wreck crashed the party of Clint Eastwood`s daughter, caused a ruckus, and according to script she was kicked to the curb.

Can you imagine if Clint had met Lindsay at the front door?

You crazy skank, make my day! Enter this club, and I will blow you to Kingdom Come!

Francesca Eastwood had the perfect response when she was asked what she thought about Lohan. The beautiful and charming actress replied "Parent Trap is still my favorite movie."

Let me break it down for y`all:

Francesca was saying that Lohan is such a mess that she hasn`t made a good movie in over a decade, and that she had to go way, way back to find a good Lohan flick.

Give it up Lohan, nobody wants you around.

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