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Published:August 14th, 2012 21:32 EST

Dude High On Fake Weed Takes Off His Clothes And Runs Around His Apartment Complex

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Florida police said a man who fired a pistol in his apartment before running around the complex naked was under the influence of synthetic marijuana."



Synthetic marijuana must be nothing like the real thing, I can see a stoner strolling around his apartment, while munching on Doritos, but I can`t imagine him running, naked or otherwise.

A pothead might pretend his bong is a gun and start "shooting" it, but he would never fire a real gun in his apartment. Marijuana lovers just aren`t into violence; they have a live and let live mentality.

This 23-year-old dude, whose name wasn`t released by the police, should be sentenced to at least a year in jail for giving weed lovers a bad name.

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