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Published:August 14th, 2012 14:03 EST

F-bomb, Sexting, Earworm & Man Cave Added To Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

By Robert Paul Reyes

The words F-bomb, earworm, sexting, and man cave are among the latest additions to the 2012 update of Merriam Webster`s Collegiate Dictionary.

If you utter the F-word in a casual conversation with your buddies that`s not an F-bomb. But if you drop the F-word in an unexpected setting that`s an F-bomb. For example if you blurt out " I can`t F***** believe that my ugly sister finally got married", as she`s saying "I do", that would qualify as an F-bomb.


An earworm is a pop hit that keeps playing in your mind, driving you freakin` `mad. It`s not a good idea to be muttering LMFAO`s "I`m sexy and I know it" when you are driving your girlfriend`s mom to work.

I don`t have to explain "sexting" to my faithful readers; they`re a bunch of freaks.

No home is complete without a "man cave" where a man can find refuge and play video games, watch football, and surf questionable sites without his old lady nagging at him.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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