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Published:August 14th, 2012 14:10 EST

Pit Bulls Are Friendly & Loveable

By SOP newswire3

Reader responds to article by Robert Paul Reyes about a pit bull who bonded with a baby goat:
Hello Judyth, I am writing to you from Seattle WA. I wanted to thank you for writing the article about the pit bull bonding with the Goat Puppy. As an owner of a pit bull I am very aware of how sweet and gentle this dog can be. When he was a puppy we didn`t know what breed he was, and when our Vet informed us that he was a pit, my first thought was that I wouldn`t be able to train him to mind me, I was afraid of the reputation. Our Vet said we should not tell our new friend what kind of dog he is, and we didn`t, we treated him with kindness and a firm hand and he never gave a moment`s regret about adopting him. We always thought him as more of the Ferninand the Bull type animal, vicious in reputation only. He is the most loving and gentle animal I have ever run across. Our neighbors in Seattle were nervous at first because he was the pit in the neighborhood, but he won them over in very short time and changed a lot of attitudes about the breed.
Your story reinforces what pit bull owners like me have known all along, and perhaps with Piper and my Buddy as good role models (and my daughter in law`s pit Olivia) we can change more and more minds about this gentle and sweet dog.
Thank you again.
Karen, M