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Published:August 15th, 2012 15:59 EST

Outrage: Man Leaves His Pooch Stranded On Top Of Mountain

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Animal authorities in Colorado said they are deciding whether to return a dog left on top of a mountain to the owner who left her there.

The German shepherd, Missy, was rescued by volunteers about 13,000 feet up on Mount Bierstadt Aug. 6 after she was seen wandering on the mountain by witnesses who notified their fellow hikers on, The Denver Post reported Wednesday.


Anthony Ortalani, the dog`s owner, said he was forced to leave her behind on the mountain because she was unable to walk due to blisters and he was responsible for getting a young hiker off the mountain before the arrival of an oncoming storm."


I can understand Ortalani temporarily leaving his dog at the top of the mountain, because he had to bring a young hiker down the mountain before a storm hit.

But there is no excuse for Ortalani leaving his dog at the summit and returning home, because he didn`t want to lose his job.

My pooch, Mandy, means more to me than my job or a million bucks. I would not have left that mountain until I was reunited with my faithful canine companion.

Missy shouldn`t be returned to her disloyal owner, she should be given to an animal lover who will do right by her.

Missy is doing fine, and as for her owner, he doesn`t deserve to ever again have a pet.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org (Generic puppy, not Missy)

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