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Published:August 18th, 2012 09:19 EST
Can There Really Be The Possibility That Life Does Exist on Mars?

Can There Really Be The Possibility That Life Does Exist on Mars?

By Ron G Anselm

How many shows and movies in the past especially in the 1960s and 1970s had a plot where Martians land on Earth in some major city and wreak havoc on us and our planet? Many of them, in fact when it came to alien shows and movies the aliens in the plot were most always from Mars. Well, NASA is now discovering those plots in those shows may not have been too far off from the truth.

I`m not saying that there are flying saucers with tiny little ray guns that attack us, however, the life that NASA is looking into that may exist on Mars is more of plant life and microbiological or little organisms. It would be very narrow-minded of us on Earth if we thought that we were the only planet in the big universe of ours that harbored life. I am sure that somewhere in the wild black yonder of space there is life and Mars does seem to have a lot of the same characteristics that Earth has so what a better planet to pinpoint the possibility of some kind of life existing on it.

One man who is well-known by the literary buffs who is famous for inventing the modern satellite and also is known for being one of the best-known writers in the world by the name of Arthur C. Clarke insists that he has seen photographs from Mars that show seasonal changes in the vegetation on the surface of the planet. If that is true then yes, there is life on Mars.

Clarke insists that the vegetation looks like large forests consisting of Banyan trees. Of course you have the scientists that form various hypotheses as to what the photos could really be but now a group of researchers at the Institute of Advanced Study in Budapest is agreeing with Clarke, and they have called the photos to which Clarke refers, "probably Martian surface organisms." (, 2012)

Also, there have been other photos taken on Mars from Spirit and Opportunity rovers that clearly show life being visually recorded but Clarke indicate the visually recorded photos look more of a biological nature. So, it does not surprise me with all the various different studies by NASA which reveal the possibility of water on Mars, the studies of the gasses that inhibit the Martial Atmosphere and the study of rocks from the planet that there could very well be the possibility that Martials do exists only in the plant and microbiological form ... so far.


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