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Published:August 18th, 2012 11:49 EST

HBO Star Bill Maher Won't Apologize For Any Controversial Jokes! Amen!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"U.S. comedian Bill Maher told Politico he has no intention of apologizing for controversial remarks he makes on HBO`s `Real Time` -- or elsewhere.

`I think it`s very dangerous when people can`t even in small comedy clubs be wrong, be bad, be over the line,` said Maher.` That`s what stand-up comedy is all about, pushing the edge.`"



Expecting a comic to apologize for pushing the envelope is like condemning a prostitute for going all the way. You expect a comedian to be outrageous, and you hope that a h{o}oker will show you a really good time.

Maher recently got into hot water for joking that Obama plays golf like a white man, but fights like a black man. Please, that joke is so tame that Maher should be criticized for choosing his words too carefully.

I hope Maher is true to his word, and he never apologizes for anything he says on his HBO program. Stand-up comedy is about breaking the rules, and no word, not even the N-word should be banned from a comic`s vocabulary. Sometimes a comic has to use incendiary words to make his point, and the politically-correct police should be kicked out of a comedy club by the bouncers.

I write hundreds of essays every year, and I sometimes have to apologize for unintentionally hurting individuals, but I will never apologize for hurting the sensibilities of "polite society."

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