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Published:August 18th, 2012 17:54 EST

Mom Leaves Son, 3, Alone At A Dollar Tree Store For An Hour

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Fort Pierce police said a clerk found the 3-year-old crying and asking for his `mommy` at Deal`s Dollar Tree Tuesday evening and the child was unable to remember his mother`s last name and calls over the public address system failed to get a response, reported Friday."



I can understand a parent leaving a kid behind at a "Best Buy" store, the laptops, cell phones and other digital toys can make anybody forget they brought the brat with them.

But there is no excuse for a mother to leave her child behind at a freakin` dollar store. The mom couldn`t plausibly argue that she was so excited about the 6 rolls of toilet paper for a $1 sale that she forgot about her kid.

Philleana Peak, 30, was arrested on charges of child neglect and possession of marijuana. Peak should either give up the kid or the weed, apparently she can`t handle both.

Don`t hate, if you were named "Philleana" you`d be a pothead also.

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