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Published:August 24th, 2012 11:25 EST

Creep Attached Turtle To A Bunch Of Balloons & Sent It Aloft

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in California said they were trying to determine who attached a box turtle to several balloons and sent it aloft.

Residents of the Oceanside neighborhood said they called police and the Humane Society when they saw the turtle, which was taped to some balloons, stuck in a tree, KGTV, San Diego, reported Thursday."



This incident doesn`t qualify as a joke or a prank, this is nothing short of cruelty to animals. If the perpetrator of this crime is discovered, he should serve time behind bars.

I applaud the residents who called the cops when they saw the poor turtle stuck in a tree. Creeps who torture animals get all the attention, but for every deviant who abuses innocent creatures there are hundreds of good people who love and look out for the welfare of all of God`s creatures.

I would love to attach the sick person who this to a bunch of balloons and set it aloft over shark-infested waters.

A Humane Society employee freed the turtle, and they are trying to identify the owner. The turtle doesn`t seem to have suffered any physical injuries, but he must be an emotional wreck. Yes, animals have feelings!

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