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Published:August 24th, 2012 18:14 EST

Stop Hatin' On Prince Harry, What Happens In Vegas Should Stay In Vegas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority`s latest ad campaign wags a stern finger in the direction of the unknown person who leaked pictures of the prince with a nude female companion after a game of strip billiards for violating the city`s slogan, USA Today reported Friday.


`For Shame! To those who traded in their pledge to their Las Vegas brethren, WE DEPLORE YOU,` the ad reads. `We are calling on you, the defenders of what happens in Vegas staying in its rightful place -- in Vegas. We are asking for a shun on those exploiters of Prince Harry. We shall boycott partying with (whoever exploited Harry). No bottle service. No bikini clad girls.`"


"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", is the most beloved slogan in America. Whether you are a prince, a pauper or a preacher you should be able to get your freak on in Sin City, safe in the knowledge that your peccadilloes won`t be exposed on Facebook, Twitter or the media.

Vegas is a neon city of refuge where even God looks the other way, as you walk a tightrope between indulging in what is slightly wicked and what is really wicked.

Anybody who violates this code is scum of the Earth, and deserves to be shunned and vilified by polite society.

I applaud the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for exploiting Prince Harry`s embarrassing incident to promote their fine city.

Vegas is an oasis of tolerance, woe be to those sinners who besmirch the reputation of this great city by breaking its code.

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