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Published:August 26th, 2012 10:05 EST
Petition Gets 250,000 Plus Signatures in Two Months

Petition Gets 250,000 Plus Signatures in Two Months

By SOP newswire


On May 2nd, South Carolina legislators successfully had most of their opponents removed from the ballot and days later, group leaders from around the state came together to begin planning a joint mission to fight back (Operation Lost Vote).

By the time the incumbents were finished, they had wiped out approximately 250 challengers statewide completely shutting down Primary Elections in many counties. The citizens of South Carolina had no choice; they would largely be stuck with the leadership they had with no opportunity to vote.

The first stage of the mission was to disseminate as much helpful information as possible on how to get challengers back on the ballot for the General Election in November as Petition Candidates, including legalities and best practices for collecting signatures. In a day and age of electronic information, signatures had to be gathered the old fashion way, one at a time on legal-size paper. With more than a quarter million signatures collected within a 6 - 8 week period, we now declare the first stage of the mission to be a success.

The following list does not include signature totals from many candidates who fell short of the necessary totals and did not file their petitions.

167 Total petitions were submitted in SC.

155 Have been certified to be on the ballot for the General Election.

249,733 Total signatures were submitted.

35 out of 46 Counties in SC accepted petitions.

36 Candidates will now be on the ballot to challenge legislators.

123 Candidates will now be on the ballot as challengers in county races.

Petitions were submitted by candidates who had been removed from the Democrat Primary.

84 Petitions were submitted by candidates who had been removed from the Republican Primary.

12 Petitions were submitted by new candidates who decided to run after the corruption was uncovered.


"To include the tens of thousands of signatures gathered which were not submitted would put our total near 300,000," stated Gaye Holt, former Republican candidate, current Petition candidate for Statehouse and volunteer for Operation Lost Vote. "In a state with less than two million active voters, the volunteers did a phenomenal job of getting focused and quite literally hitting the streets all over the state to accomplish this task. When you also take into consideration that we just did this in the hottest part of the summer with temperatures often exceeding 100 degrees, it is nothing short of amazing. If we don`t fight to get our state back, who will?"

To keep up with the Operation Lost Vote mission, please visit Operation Lost Vote is a mission which is supported by many groups and volunteers.