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Published:August 27th, 2012 19:22 EST

Lady Gaga: I'm Going to Record Artpop Sans Clothing, It Will Make My Voice Sound Better

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lady Gaga has been recording her upcoming `Artpop` album naked because she says it makes her voice sound better, a British tabloid reported.`

`Gaga has really taken to the idea of naked recording,` The Sun quoted a source as saying. `She has been recording vocals while she`s been completely starkers. She thinks it makes her voice sound better.`"



You don`t have to be a vocal teacher or a psychologist to discern that Lady Gaga doesn`t really think she will sound better if she records her album sans clothing.

It`s yet another publicity stunt from the Queen of Phoniness - what while she say next? I`m going to record my next CD with the microphone pointed at my arse, I`m persuaded it will improve the sound quality.

Anybody who believes Gaga`s bullcrap, will probably get naked when they listen to Gaga`s album, in the hopes that it will improve their listening experience.

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