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Published:August 28th, 2012 15:55 EST

Old Lady Overfeeds Birds, Making Life A Living Hell For Her Neighbors

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hull, Mass. town officials sought an injunction Monday against Gail Kansky, 71, arguing in court she has been constantly overfeeding swarms of birds, creating a public nuisance. The officials argued that Kansky`s habit of frequently refilling a bird feeder has led to more than 100 birds taking up residence in the area, The Boston Globe reported."



You may be thinking, "Aw, she`s a harmless old lady, why is everybody hatin` on her?" How would you like to have to hose down your car every day, because it`s covered with bird droppings? How would you like to endure the infernal sound of birds fighting over food while you are trying to get some sleep?

Gail Kansky is a neighbor from hell, and her hobby is for the birds. The city should take away her bird feeder, and throw her in jail if she gets a new one. The selfish old woman doesn`t seem to care that the birds are crapping all over the homes and vehicles of her long-suffering neighbors.

This case calls for a judge with the wisdom of Solomon: The city should take away her bird feeder, and give her an indoor bird cage, complete with a parakeet.

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