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Published:August 28th, 2012 16:19 EST

Pooch Runs Away From Home, Takes 50-Mile Train Ride To London

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Jane Abbott, 47, of Gravesend, England, said her family`s Jack Russell terrier, Frankie, vanished from her home and apparently boarded a train about two miles away. He was spotted aboard the train at the King`s Cross station in London, about 50 miles from her home.


Staff members called the number on the dog`s collar, and a stunned Abbott and her daughter, Stephanie, 22, spent $93 on rush hour tickets to retrieve Frankie from London."


Frankie the pooch must not be too happy at home, he wanted to get as far away as possible from his owner.

But if the owner spent $93 on tickets to retrieve the dog, she must love him a lot. Jack Russell terriers are full of energy, and owners must diligently watch over them.

The pooch boarded the train for free, the train company should have let Abbott ride for free also, she`d already suffered enough wondering where the hell her missing pet was hiding out.

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