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Published:August 29th, 2012 10:50 EST

Canadian Strip Club Trying To Recruit Female College Students With Tuition Assistance Program

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Female college students are receiving offers of tuition money and bonuses for signing up to work as strippers at a Windsor club.

Management at the Leopard`s Lounge and Broil is trying to fill a void left by foreign dancers who have been sent packing from Canada by the federal government.


Students who work at the club are eligible for up to $1,700 in tuition for full or part-time classes in area colleges or the University of Windsor, providing they maintain a B-plus average."

Toronto Sun

Strip clubs are legal enterprises in America and Canada, but the owners are scumbags who exploit their female dancers, and rip off their male customers.

If a woman is interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy or cosmetology, then by all means she should consider taking advantage of the strip club`s tuition assistance program. But if a female is planning on a legal or business career, working as a stripper may derail her dreams.

If I find out that my lawyer was a former exotic dancer, I would immediately fire her. The typical exotic dancer has a heart of stone, and is on a mission from God to get every dollar she can from her customers.

I applaud the management at the Leopard`s Lounge for such a unique promotion, but I would advise women not to apply to work there, and I would warn men to avoid such establishments where they will surely be ripped-off.

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