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Published:August 30th, 2012 08:15 EST
Complaining is Like Sitting in a Rocking Chair!

Complaining is Like Sitting in a Rocking Chair!

By Michael Teague (Mentor)

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving with my partner, Regelle, while she was on her way to track practice. We were engaged in an intense discussion about one of her co-workers. During our conversation, she made an interesting observation, so insightful that it is the subject of this podcast episode: You know, Mike, complaining is like sitting in a rocking chair: You have something to do, but there is no productivity in it.

Wow!  Her comment almost caused me to have a car accident! (Just kidding --J).  It did, however, inspire me to write.  When we complain, it is akin to sitting in a rocking chair.  When we sit in a rocking chair, we are doing something:  We are moving back and forth.  Yet, unless our only reason for sitting there is to rock back and forth, we are not being productive.  Hence, if your only reason for complaining is to hear yourself vent, you`re doing something with no end-goal in sight.

Do you find yourself complaining more and more?  Can you admit, honestly, that you are dissatisfied with your life?   Do you have to fight to get out of bed every morning to start your day?  I want you to know that you can live your life with a sense of excitement, passion, and purpose.  Why don`t you change your life today?

The number one person, who is responsible to change your life is you!  The power to change your life lay in your hands.  You have the power of the Universe at your fingertips.  You are creative, powerful, and purposeful.  There is no one else like you!

My father said something that I`d like to share, in closing.  He said, To name your world is to change it.   Name your world today.  Stop complaining and change your life.  Take your God-given tools, rise and walk!

One Love,