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Published:August 30th, 2012 11:28 EST

Knock-Down Brawl At Yacht Club Started Over A Portable Toilet

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Ohio said one man required medical treatment when a group of seven people at a yacht club got into a `knock-down brawl` over a portable toilet.

The Eastlake Police Department said the seven men and women, aged in their 40s and 50s, were intoxicated when they got into a `knock-down brawl` around 1 a.m. Sunday at the Chagrin River Yacht Club, WJW-TV, Cleveland, reported Wednesday."



I`m curious why there was a portable toilet at a yacht club; you`d think a yacht club would provide several restrooms with gold-plated fixtures for their well-heeled members.

These weren`t a bunch of college kids arguing over who would have the honor of tipping a portable toilet with one of their buddies inside, they were a group of drunk middle-aged men and women.

Officers didn`t release any details of the incident, so we can only wonder what led to the fisticuffs:

Brad: Get out of my way, I`ve had five glasses of wine and I really need to use the Port-A-John!

Christine: No, you get out of my way! I`ve had six cocktails, and over a dozen shrimp. I`m ready to explode from both ends.

Thomas: Christine nobody would argue that you aren`t full of crap, but get out of the way before I knock the crap out of you.

Yeah, I know it`s a silly dialogue, but what do you expect from intoxicated adults, Shakespeare?

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