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Published:August 30th, 2012 08:13 EST
The Key to Getting Fit Through Martial-Arts Training

The Key to Getting Fit Through Martial-Arts Training

By Ron G Anselm

Let`s face it the era of the fitness craze has leveled off to a slow and moderate mind set of if I have time I will work out mentality because most of us nowadays are busier than a one-legged person in a butt kicking contest. We just have a lot of commitments that take up most of our `me` time.

That is really not a good thing because with the constant stress we are under in our everyday lives we really have to make time to work out and take care of ourselves. A lot of my friends I hung out with in the 1970s and a lot of people I know are getting more and more health problems because they stopped working out years ago and turned from the gym to a bag of potato chips, the couch and a remote control. In other words they have become couch potatoes and are so out of shape a Girl Scout could out last them in a fifteen round heavy weight fight.

I never took the easy road when it came to working out. I have always worked out and stayed in shape no matter how busy I was or if I went without sleep to be able to make time to work out. Of course, I played every kind of sport imaginable (if it had a referee, an umpire, a ball, a racquet, or whatever) I played it and I still do. Now I have a son who is a huge sports fan and takes after my athletic ability. He would love to try to play in the NFL, so I still throw those forty-yard laser passes, well  let`s say those twenty-yard laser passes (my right arm lost a little of the canon effect while getting older) to him and workout with him every chance I get. I guess sports are in my blood and always will be and with a son who loves sports like his Dad I will always have a motivation to keep playing spots and working out.

Also having a background of ten years of military experience helped to keep me on the road to staying in shape. When you go through basic training (and I have been through basic training for two services I served in both the Army and Coast Guard) there is no room for wimps. I went through Army basic training and when I went through it if you were not part animal you would never survive. I remember one Drill Sargent that told us during my basic training at Fort Leonard wood, Missouri and I quote him saying, you will be doing so many push-ups while you are all here  you will be able to push the ground down. And he was right on top of the hours and hours of all other physical training we did but I loved it. To this day I am still in shape from Army Basic Training and would go through it again in a heartbeat.

That mentality has always stuck with me even today. I think one issue that a lot of people tend to end up going through after doing the same workout routine day in and day out is they eventually get bored with working out all together and lose motivation.  Working out Is almost like marriage, you have to keep coming up with new things to do to keep the relationship going and to stay interested in one another. Your workout routing is the same; you have to do a variety of different workout routines to stay happy to keep working out. It has to stay fun and exciting to last just like any marriage.

No, I am not talking about watching that long infomercial with Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris on the Total Gym and go out and buy one. I am talking about combining the cardiovascular workout, the strength workout and combine and blend into the routine a little self-defense to form a complete workout. This workout saves you time because it basically combines both the strength (weightlifting) and the cardiovascular (running or aerobics) into one workout.

It is training in the Martial-Arts. Training in the Martial-Arts alone is not a complete workout. Yes, you practice techniques and moves and as you get better you get faster at the techniques which help to build you cardiovascular workout routine but you still have to combine the strength into the workout.

Every move you practice to stop an attacker is called a weapon in the Martial-Arts. Most of the time when a person starts fresh into Martial-Arts training they start to learn the proper way to punch and block. Then they move onto kicks, kata`s, etc. to form the complete style and discipline of whatever form of Martial-Arts they are practicing. This is all well and good to be able to learn and perfect the correct way to throw those many kicks and punches but you have to remember you have to keep all those weapons strong to be able to keep the effectiveness of each strike, block, or kick.

It`s almost like being in combat and going up against a heavily armored tank. You have an M16A3 Rifle which is a .223 round or a .22 round for you civilians and you are trying to take out the tank with that .22 round which no matter how many times you hit the tank there is no way you will win. Your weapon is way too weak to even try to go up against the tank. You have to have a stronger weapon like a rocket launcher or another tank to level the playing field.

The same is true for the Martial-Arts; you have to combine the strength workout into you Martial-Arts workout to be able to take out an attacker. Your punches and kicks have to have power behind them to be effective. There are many Martial-Artists out there that only practice the moves and not perform strength training. And most of them are fat and out of shape and have the power behind their kicks and punches of a 9-volt battery, not very good in a life threatening situation if you are ever faced with one.

Bruce Lee once said to form the perfect workout in the Martial-Arts you also have to do strength training not just techniques. The strength training does not have to necessarily consist of weight training but can consist of what I call body weight exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc.) These are really the exercises you want to focus on in the Martial-Arts because they work the muscles you throw your techniques with (push-ups build power for punches, squats build power for kicks and so on)

The workout I do and before you decide to modify your normal workout routine and try mine you first should consult your physician before starting a new workout routine; I will do about two to three minutes of nothing but Martial-Art techniques (as if I am being attacked by multiple attackers) then I will drop and knock out say twenty or more push-ups, then roll over and do the same amount of sit-ups, then back up to doing dips or working the triceps muscle, then back up to do more Martial-Arts techniques. I do this for maybe fifteen to thirty minutes without stopping and at a very fast pace.   

My heart rate feels like it is going through the roof and I never get bored with the workout because I keep it interesting and do a variety of other workouts within this workout. And is it is fun and exciting, combines strength training with cardiovascular and self-defense and keeps my energy level as high as a 1960s hippie at a Janice Joplin concert.

So, the key to keeping your workout routine interesting is to try new workout routines and keep a variety in it. The Martial-Arts are the way to accomplish this while also building other valuable skills like self-confidence and self-defense. And we all know nowadays with the way violence has escalated you really have to be able to take care of not only yourself but protect your loved ones like you family. The Martial-Arts are the key and tool to do this effectively.

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