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Published:August 31st, 2012 12:54 EST

Outrage: Evangelicals Erecting A 51-Foot 'Touchdown Jesus' Statue

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Construction on a 51-foot replacement for the `Touchdown Jesus` statue at an Ohio church has begun, officials said.

The first 20 feet of the new statue were erected Wednesday at the Solid Rock Church on Interstate 75 near Monroe, the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News reported. When it is finished, the statue will stand about 51 feet.


The statue is replacing the `Touchdown Jesus` statue, which was stuck by lightning on June 15, 2010, and burned to the ground. Reports did not say how high the earlier statue stood."


When the original Touchdown Jesus statue was struck by lightning, the Solid Rock Church failed to get the message that maybe the Almighty was displeased with the abomination.

If the meek and lowly Jesus Christ saw the monstrosity that is supposed to represent him, he would probably burn it to the ground.

The statue doesn`t represent Jesus; it symbolizes the ostentatiousness and the moral blindness of the modern day evangelical movement. Do these clowns really think that their humongous idol speaks well of their faith?

I`m not a theologian, but from what I gather from the teachings of the Gospels, the followers of Jesus shouldn`t be wasting thousands erecting an idol, but ministering to the poor.

I hope that the Rev. Pat Robertson is praying that the remnants of Hurricane Isaac will destroy the idol.

This incident perfectly illustrates the stupidity of organized religions.

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