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Published:September 1st, 2012 17:47 EST

Lady Smoking Weed While Driving Acquitted Of Impaired Driving

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A pot-smoking Canadian motorist was acquitted of impaired driving by a judge who said there wasn`t enough evidence she actually couldn`t drive."



Not enough evidence? Really?

The cop who stopped the woman at a traffic checkpoint noticed marijuana smoke rolling out her window. Not to mention that she failed a sobriety check by failing to touch her nose five times.

My guess is that not only was this pot smoker too impaired to drive, but I doubt that she could wipe her behind without someone guiding her hand.

I wouldn`t mind if this lady smoked pot in her home, and smoke rolled out of her open windows, and all her neighbors camped out on her front lawn getting a contact high. I believe that smoking weed in the privacy of your home should be legal, but I really don`t want people smoking ganja while driving.

The judge is a moron; I wish he would share some of the grass he is smoking with me.

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