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Published:September 2nd, 2012 20:52 EST
Never give up!  Never give in!  Never give away!

Never give up! Never give in! Never give away!

By Michael Teague (Mentor)


Never give up!  Never give in!  Never give away!  That is a very simple, yet powerful message I want to leave with you today.

Never Give Up

            I know of people, who had to save for fifteen or more years, before they could afford to purchase their first home.  There are people, I`m sure that you`ve heard about or have known for whom success was not their own for twenty or more years.  Even though our marriage didn`t work out, I am and, forever will be proud of my ex-wife, Tawanna.  She went to school, off and on, for fifteen years, before receiving her college degree (she now has her master`s degree).  Never Give In!

 Never Give In

            There have been and always will be a certain contingent of people in your life, who will be haters " or nay-sayers.  It seems as if their life`s mission is to attempt to discourage you from achieving your goals, aspirations, and dreams.  There will always be obstacles and setbacks, both on the road to success as well as on the road of success.  Some of you may have moments of doubt " brought on by the conditioning you experienced in your family of origin " which may serve to derail you.  Your challenge and your mandate are to Never Give In!

Never Give Away

            Never give away your child-like sense of wonder and joy.  Never give away your hope, or your faith.  Never give away your self-esteem or your self-respect; they are precious gifts, given to you by the Divine.  Know that everything will happen in its own time, as long as you remain faithful and exercise your portion of responsibility.  You CAN do it!

Food for Thought:

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. " -- Ralph Waldo Emerson