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Published:September 4th, 2012 16:55 EST
Holy Cow! McDonald's Opening A Vegetarian Restaurant In India! Outrage!

Holy Cow! McDonald's Opening A Vegetarian Restaurant In India! Outrage!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Billions and billions served won`t mean burgers at a new outlet in India.

The fast-food giant reportedly plans to open its first vegetarian-only restaurant next year in India.


The Oak Brook, Ill.-based company has been known to tailor its menus to suit local demographics. In India, for example, it already uses chicken instead of beef for its Maharaja Mac sandwich. But this will be the first McDonald`s without meat on the menu."

Fox News

I understand the concept of McDonald`s tailoring its menus to suit local demographics, but this is blasphemy and an affront to God, whatever deity you worship.

A McDonald`s restaurant where no beef, or even chicken, is served makes as much sense as a bordello where the customers aren`t allowed to touch the prostitutes.

Just knowing that there`s a McDonald`s somewhere in this world where hamburgers aren`t sold, makes me want to puke. McDonald`s is tarnishing its brand; they should call the vegetarian restaurant something else, "McTufu."

McDonald`s is a symbol of the power and might of America, opening a vegetarian McDonald`s restaurant in India is a sign of weakness and subservience.

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