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Published:September 6th, 2012 10:43 EST

Pop Tart Paris Hilton Paid Cool Million To Appear In Korean Pop Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Paris Hilton was paid a cool million to star in a video for South Korean pop star Kim Jang Hoon. I`ve you`ve never heard of him don`t worry, nobody in America knows Hoon from a hole in the ground.

Hilton hasn`t quite sunk to the level of Lindsay Lohan; the socialite is paid to attend parties while the only way Lilo can make it to a Hollywood party is by crashing it.


But if Hilton continues to accept gigs like this, for huge amounts of money, she will soon be on her way to irrelevance.

The only way that the pop tart will be able to revive her career will be by secretly releasing online a home-made sex tape featuring her and Pee Wee Herman.

For the sake of my faithful readers I did not include a link to the music video.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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