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Published:September 8th, 2012 18:39 EST

The Failed Presidency Of Barack Obama: An American Tragedy

By Robert Paul Reyes

The 2008 version of Barack Obama preached a positive message of hope and change, and it resonated with young people and independents, even the cynical hopped aboard his bandwagon eager to make history.



The young and energetic president promised a bipartisan approach to solving problems; his victory was seen as proof that America was a post-racial society.


Almost four years later Obama looks haggard and defeated, and his hope and change mantra has been replaced by a win by any means philosophy.


The problems that Obama inherited from the Bush administration have only grown more complex an intractable. America will never be a post-racial society, and instead of being perceived as a Messiah, Obama looks like a politician who simply didn`t have the experience or wisdom to be the Leader of the Free World.


Obama`s base, the hardcore left, African Americans, gays and lesbians, union employees, and feminists will vote for his reelection, but many voters who are in the middle will no longer feel a moral imperative to vote for him. They`ve done the vote for the black candidate to make history thing, and they feel that this time they can simply vote for the most effectual candidate, and it ain`t Obama.


Obama won`t be just a footnote in history; the fact that he was the first black president saves him from that fate. But he certainly won`t be a transformative figure like Ronald Reagan or FDR.


If Obama loses his fight for re-election, history won`t be kind to him.

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