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Published:September 10th, 2012 17:16 EST

Dude Tries To Board Plane With Monkey Hidden In His Underwear

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in India said three people were arrested after trying to board a plane to Dubai with an endangered monkey hidden in the underwear of one of them."



You can always expect a certain amount of monkey business at an airport, but this is ridiculous.

For $10 million I might consider hiding cocaine in my drawers, but you couldn`t pay me enough to smuggle a monkey in my underwear.

What dude in his right mind would hide a creature capable of turning him into a soprano in a second in his boxers?

What a nightmare world: We have to wonder if the guy sitting next to us on the plane has a bomb or a monkey in his undergarments? Oh for the good old days when we only had to worry about a baby packing a load of crap in his diapers.

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