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Published:September 12th, 2012 13:05 EST

Video: William Shatner's One-Man Show Greatest Show In The Universe

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Canadian-born actor and author William Shatner says he has added 20 cities to the U.S. tour of his one-man show `Shatner`s World` in 2012-13.

The tour extension follows a three-week run this year at Broadway`s Music Box Theatre and a successful tour of 15 cities across the United States."



William Shatner may have been born in Canada, but he`s an American treasure. I`m not a Trekker, but I would pay good money to hear the Renaissance man opine about any subject under the sun.

The 90-minute performance takes the audience on a voyage through Shatner`s fascinating life and career. Think of all the extraterrestrial hotties that Shatner has made love to, consider his landmark albums, appreciate his great acting in the Priceline.Com commercials, and remember all the mighty tomes he has written. I`d rather enjoy Shatner`s one-man show than take a ride to the International Space Station.

I have never had an audience with the Pope, nor met with the President of the United States, but if I get a chance to see `Shatner`s World`, I will die a happy man, and I will be ready to beam up to the Great Spaceship in the Sky.

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