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Published:September 14th, 2012 10:49 EST

Lindsay Lohan: A Symbol Of Self-Absorption, Vanity & Ignorance

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Birkin. Mac Computer. Chanel and a jet. Never quit fighting to live your dreams. God Bless"

Lindsay Lohan Tweet


This tweet was used as a caption by Lohan for a photograph of a private jet with the aforementioned items on a seat.

It should be noted that the private jet doesn`t belong to Lohan; the producers of "Scary Movie 5" had to send the jet to pick up the troubled thespian to make sure she got to the set on time. They couldn`t risk the pop tart being too lazy to come to come to work, and they definitely didn`t want her driving to the set and getting into an accident.

I`m surprised the train wreck didn`t include some of the jewelry she has stolen over the years in the tableau symbolizing wealth and accomplishment.

If you opened the Birkin handbag worth thousands and examined the contents you would quickly realize that beneath the veneer of designer clothes and accessories, Lohan`s life is a nightmare. God only knows what you would find inside that ho`s bag. I can make out a pack of cigarettes in the purse, I`m sure that`s the least objectionable item inside.

The accumulation of material possessions isn`t going to fill your heart with love, or your brain with wisdom. Lohan`s pursuit of wealth will only lead to depression and disappointment.

While Lilo was flying in the jet, I hope she ignored the bottle of Chanel vodka, turned on her Mac, and googled herself. Lohan would quickly realize that nobody wants to live her nightmare life of self-absorption, drugs, alcohol, and reckless promiscuity.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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