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Published:September 14th, 2012 11:26 EST

Zombie Gnaws On Woman's Head! Zombie Apocalypse Now?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Doylestown man, who was naked and bleeding profusely, gnawed on woman`s head all while `screaming like an animal` during a wild neighborhood rampage, state police said."



The horrific incident began when Richard Ciminio Jr., parked his vehicle on a residential neighborhood, got out, and took off his clothes.

The zombie then broke into a home, and jumped out of a 2nd floor window, severely injuring himself. The bloody mess then ran into two women enjoying an early morning stroll, that`s when he attacked one of the ladies, and gnawed on her head.
The women were able to escape, they called the cops, and they had to tase Ciminio to subdue him.

What can we learn from this nightmarish incident?

*Be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse! Apply for a concealed carry permit, and never leave home without a firearm. Before a zombie, mugger, or burglar gets close enough to gnaw on your head, blow him to Kingdom Come.

*The days of taking a carefree walk in the early morning, while it`s still dark outside are over! Think like a Boy Scout and always be prepared for any eventuality, but be ready to act like Rambo if your life is in danger.

*When a stranger parks his car in your neighborhood, gets out, and strips buck naked, you know you are in for a bad day.

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