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Published:September 17th, 2012 08:41 EST
Netanyahu has none of the attributes of a Dayan or a Ben Gurion

Netanyahu has none of the attributes of a Dayan or a Ben Gurion

By SOP newswire2


An extreme right-wing Likud state and Likud values are certainly not Jewish values. Netanyahu is a Zionist from another era. We live in a new century that Mr Netanyahu has only visited but never lived in. He lives in the days of the Hagannah, of LEHI and the Palmach. He sees himself as General Dayan wearing the mantle of Ben Gurion, but Dayan was a brilliant strategist and Ben Gurion was a master statesman, negotiator and visionary whereas Netanyahu has not one of these attributes.

Here we just have a belligerent aggressor who believes that America and the world should pay for his errors and mistakes in refusing to dismantle the illegal settlements that violate international law and the ruling of the International Court of Justice.

Most dangerously, the Likud government of this undeclared nuclear weapons state is daily threatening to start a war in the Middle East that could easily become nuclear, thereby posing a terrible threat not only to the region but also to Europe.  If Israel takes the illegal step to attack Iran then all bilateral trade should be immediately discontinued and the EU- Israel Association Agreement abrogated.


By Douglas Reed