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Published:September 18th, 2012 16:56 EST

Video: The Horrifying Dr. Phi Dina Lohan Interview

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Lohan`s matriarch was featured in a one-hour interview with Dr. Phil McGraw on Monday, which provided evidence that Lindsay Lohan, 26, was not given the greatest of examples to follow by her mother."



The next time that Lindsay Lohan is facing a judge in court on charges of theft, public drunkenness, speeding, or heaven knows what else, all she has to do is play this video and she will immediately gain the jury`s sympathy.

Dina Lohan is 50-freakin`-years old, but she is acting like a giddy schoolgirl. Remember this video, if Lohan survives to middle age, this is what she will be like, the horror, the horror!

I`m always preaching that the written word is superior to movies or videos, but mere words are unable to capture the insanity of Dina. Watch the video, and you may even feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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