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Published:September 20th, 2012 11:41 EST

Amanda Bynes And Lindsay Lohan: Bimbo Twins

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amanda Bynes acted so bizarre during a workout class in Hollywood Tuesday night ... her instructor stopped the session halfway through and kicked her out -- TMZ has learned."



I wish more people would have the courage of this instructor, and nip in the bud the outrageous behavior of bimbo celebs.

When Lindsay Lohan arrives on a movie set late and can`t remember her lines, the producer should step in and kick her to the curb.

When Amanda Bynes appears before a judge for the zillionth time, he should throw her in the slammer and lose the key.

Bynes hasn`t made a movie since 2010, and recently she`s had a string of run-ins with the police, but she insists "I am doing amazing."

Bynes and Lohan live in a fantasy world; they think the rules don`t apply to them, and that they can get away with doing drugs and engaging in destructive behavior without paying a price. These bimbos need a solid dose of reality in the form of a lengthy stay behind bars.

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