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Published:September 20th, 2012 11:16 EST

Outrage: Cecilia Gimenez Who Ruined 19th Century Spanish Fresco, Suing Church

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Spanish octogenarian who made a laughingstock out of a 19th-century fresco of Jesus when she bungled its restoration ended up creating a tourist attraction for her local church.
Now, Cecilia Giménez wants a cut of the profits, Spanish newspaper El Correo reported Wednesday.


Giménez has lawyered up and seeks to copyright the image after the picture of her shoddy handiwork became an Internet sensation in August and inspired countless memes. "

New York Daily News

When an old coot decides to undertake a do-it-yourself project he will polish his dentures, rearrange his socks drawer, or clean the ring of grim in his bath tub.

But this silly old lady had a more ambitious goal, and she took it upon herself to attempt to restore Elias Garcia Martinez`s painting of Jesus, known as "Behold the Man."

Nobody in the church had the good sense to stop the elderly parishioner from defacing the expensive painting.

Now the faithful, the curious, and the bored are paying an admission price of one Euro to look upon the painting of Jesus that looks like a monkey, thanks to the artistry of Gimenez.

In four days, the church has made about $2,600.
We`re not exactly talking about a lot of money, but the brazen old bat wants a cut of the profits. There is a special place in hell reserved for Gimenez and her lawyer.

The church should retaliate by suing the old woman for ruining the painting, and they should demand the police arrest her for vandalism.

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