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Published:September 21st, 2012 11:45 EST
December 21, 2012: Sun Storms (CME /Coronal Mass Ejections)

December 21, 2012: Sun Storms (CME /Coronal Mass Ejections)

By SOP newswire2

Sun Storms (CME /Coronal Mass Ejections)

9am Friday, 21 Dec, 2012

1. There is no danger for loss of life from CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) solar storms like the one expected at 9am Friday, 21 Dec, 2012.

2. However, these strong solar storms (like the strong tsunami expected), are known (under the right circumstances) to be capable to destroy (burn out) all electrical transformers with in their range interrupting the power supply in this way that is transmitted to our homes and to our cities.

3. If the solar storm is born from the NORTH side of the sun, the polarity of earth will force the magnetic elements of the storm to bounce off and disappear out into space. However if the storm is born from the SOUTH side, it will be drawn onto earth by earths polarity causing transformers to overload and burn out.

4. Prevention of panic: The correct and responsible information (facts) about the event that is going to take place will give the chance for everybody (all citizens) to prepare accordingly, and most important it will prevent exaggerated panic that can cost hundredths of lives particularly to ailing people the elderly and children.

5. Diagnosing the polarity of the storm and the size of the flare will give each country (those affected) only 12 minutes to put into practice the emergency precautions taken toconfront the storm because this is the time estimated that it will take the magnetic solar flare to reach earth.

6. Being that the application of the precautions/ measures can take place with in 12 minutes alone, it would appropriate I think that the -precautions/safety plan- for each country would be consisted of 2 plans the -Green plan- and the -Red plan-.

7. In the case of a North bound storm everyone should be noticed -everything ok- as soon as possible in order to prevent the type panic that will bring destruction and casualties. 

8. There is but only one way to confront a storm (the Red Plan) that is going to be known that is going to destroy all of the electrical transformers of a country. Allow me to add here that in case of their destruction, the time needed to replace the transformers will be 15-20 years because the factories that make them are very few, and they are going to give priorities everywhere. The plunging of a country into darkness before and during the storm is a series matter, but is the lesser of the 2 evils the other one being the whole country being with out electricity for many years to come!

The information presented is a small summary begotten out of a TV science series named «Perfect  Disasters».


This essay is one of -good will- and it is of a humanitarian nature. The opinion expressed as to the way in handling the phenomena (the storm) is personal. It is also of personal opinion that:

The predicted precision in time, day and year with which the phenomena (tsunami) is making a re appearance, reveals very specific conditions under which the storm realizes its self revealing in this way that the area of earth most likely to be effected, is the one that was effected during the last Coronal Mass Ejection the Golf of Mexico.

By Constantinos James Wiliams