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Published:September 22nd, 2012 23:16 EST
 Iran, Syria, North Korea Not Complying Fully with Their Nuclear Programs

Iran, Syria, North Korea Not Complying Fully with Their Nuclear Programs

By Ron G Anselm


The definition of a problem child in my own terms is, "A spoiled kid that has to always have their own way and if they don`t get their own way they become rebellious. When it comes to world leaders that take on the role of a problem child then we have serious issues. " (R. Anselm, 2012).

What more does this world need after ten years of us fighting in the Middle East and spending billions in tax payer dollars to support the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and more importantly the price many Mother`s and Father`s paid losing their son or daughter in combat operations during both of these conflicts that our military or country does not ever need to see again. We fought one Vietnam and do not need to go back to another, the Iranian and Afghanistan war were exactly like Vietnam Two, trust me I know. Now, we still have an ongoing problem with Iran and North Korea continually being uncooperative when it comes to complying with their nuclear programs but what`s new these two countries are more stubborn than an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.

Now, a third problem child has joined the ranks of being defiant when it comes to their nuclear program, Syria has decided to join the other two punk countries, North Korea and Syria; and sink down to both North Korea and Iran`s level and be another problem child on not listening fully when it comes to complying with their nuclear program.

This is really a serious issue especially knowing that Iran may have an ongoing nuclear program and not only that think about Al Qaida and all the terrorist organizations or wannabe terrorists that have full access to the borders of Iran and access to just about every part of that country that at any time could gain access to the many nuclear sites in Iran that may exist and with one touch of a button ten, nine, eight and so on, we have lift off " and now we have a highly sophisticated missile that size of a small yacht armed with a nuclear war head capable and packed with enough explosives to destroy half our country in route to our countries borders and air space and I am sure Iran would welcome that happening when it comes to trying to destroy the United States. I could turn out to be the same scenario has the movies from 1983 with Matthew Broderick called War Games but this would be real.

Yukiya Amano who is the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) commented on this serious issue by saying, each case is different, but they share one common feature " each of these countries is failing to fulfill its obligations. Dealing with cases such as these represents one of the major challenges which the Agency must confront in the coming years. " (Amano, 2012).

Each case is different because each county has different technologies and strategies when it comes to any program and especially a high technology program like harnessing nuclear energy for all the wrong reasons and yes all three problem child countries do share the same rebellious state and that is to fully comply with its obligation when it comes to their nuclear programs. You can read more about Mr. Amano`s remarks on this topic that took place at the General Conference that began today in Vienna, bringing together representatives from the IAEA`s 155 member States. Go to ( and ( to find out more information.

The main issue that we are concerned about is that each country or any country that has a nuclear program has to account for all activities and material in their nuclear program and when inspected they have to have proper documentation. None of these countries to have that accounted for or may have something in their documentation that looks shady, so it raises a big red flag.

The main country of course that we and the world is concerned about when it comes to even stating the word nuclear " is of course Iran. Iran is not providing the necessary cooperation to enable us to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities. Therefore, we cannot conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities, " said Mr. Amano.

Iran first raised eye brows nine years ago in 2003 when it was discovered that the country had concealed its nuclear activities for 18 years in breach of its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Last Thursday the International Atomic Energy Agency once again warned Ian to comply fully and to comply now without delay with all of its obligations under the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, and to meet the requirements of the Board.

The Agency is firmly committed to intensifying dialogue. We will continue negotiations with Iran on a structured approach to resolving all outstanding issues. I hope we can reach agreement without further delay, to be followed by immediate implementation, " said the Director General. (, 2012).

So, once again, our country stays on edge as to what may occur with the possibility of another war or conflict anywhere in the world and having the leaders of North Korea and Syria and especially Ian act like problem children does not help world peace. To me it`s like having that one bully at school walk around the playground trying to intimidate the other kids while making themselves feel better and more superior that everyone else. You have to find that bully somewhere in the kids bathroom and give them wall to wall counseling to wake them up a little and take them down to size.

Being ex-military myself and serving during the first Desert Storm One conflict my opinion in military terms it to send one of our Navy`s battle groups over to the coast of Iran, target some of the main government facilities, military sites, and transportation routes in the county and lob over a few Tomahawk missiles to show them we just ain`t kidding about complying with their nuclear program; sort of like giving that one bully a little wall to wall counseling at recess in the bathroom but I definitely do not want to see our county and especially our military go to another fight we just don`t need.

I think what our country needs is a little vacation from it all and have peace in the world. Our military is tired and stretched thinner than a piece of Saran Wrap sitting over a large bowl of salad sitting in the refrigerator.

So, when it comes to my definition of what a problem child is that is an easy fix to solve that problem but when it comes to world leaders taking on the role of my definition of a problem child that becomes a serious issue that is not resolved so easily.



( Retrieved 2012.

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Get your facts straight. It is infuriating to read such bigoted articles like this.... After actually reading this dreadful article, it is clear the author has no idea what he is talking about. Al Qaida does NOT have full access to Iran.