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Published:September 22nd, 2012 08:24 EST
Obama Sees Himself as the Chance Progeny of Reptiles?

Obama Sees Himself as the Chance Progeny of Reptiles?

By SOP newswire2

Solving Light Books today announced that its newly released book, "Outing the Moronocracy: Ending the Rule of the Blind, the Stupid, and the Disgraceful in American Society" by Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr., reveals that President Barack Obama has admitted that he sees himself, not as a creation of God, but rather as the chance offspring of reptiles.

According to Johnson, in an overlooked 2008 interview with Nature magazine (September 25, 2008), Obama said, "I believe in evolution, and I support the strong consensus of the scientific community that evolution is scientifically validated. I do not believe it is helpful to our students to cloud discussions of science with non-scientific theories like Intelligent Design that are not subject to experimental scrutiny," thus acknowledging that he does not believe that he, himself, is intelligently designed.

According to Johnson, the so-called "strong consensus of the scientific community" is manipulated by the atheist hierarchy of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). In "Outing the Moronocracy," Johnson, who holds a general science degree from West Point, includes an appendix listing 30 examples of scientific incompetence at the NAS, all found in the very booklet used by the NAS to propagandize our children with the notion that they are descended from worms and reptiles by chance.

Johnson said that anyone who cannot see the design inherent in nature is spiritually blind; and that any "scientist" who does not recognize that DNA`s encoded information is prima facie proof of Intelligent Design is intellectually stupid. Johnson added that "scientists" who teach our children that reptiles are among their ancestors are "morally disgraceful."

In Johnson`s book, the Obama regime and the NAS are two of the six pillars of a Cainite Moronocracy now ruling America. The other four pillars, according to Johnson, are Oprah Winfrey (representing Hollywood and the pop culture), Academia (Miseducated Morons), Apostate Christendom (Religious Morons), and the Malleable Marxist Media.

Mr. Johnson pointed out that when Jesus called the corrupt Pharisees of His day "a progeny of reptiles" (Matthew 23:33), He meant it figuratively. Johnson contrasted this figurative "progeny of reptiles" with the members of today`s ruling Moronocracy, including Obama, who believe that they are literally the "progeny of reptiles."

All of Chapter One of "Outing the Moronocracy" may be read at, along with excerpts from the other chapters, and the NAS incompetence appendix in its entirety.

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