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Published:September 23rd, 2012 10:25 EST
Incredible Focus Feeds Your Success

Incredible Focus Feeds Your Success

By Michael Teague (Mentor)


I made a difficult decision two weeks ago: I resigned as Manager of a very promising, up-and-coming, positive, hip-hop artist. In addition to this, I brought closure to three, additional business projects, which I had been working on. I did this so that I could become incredibly focused, and thus, feed my success.

     I came to understand that I had to focus: on my forthcoming E-Book, Seven Days to a Change (September, 2012); on my daily podcast, Change for Success; and on creating content for you, my Change for Success family as well as for my forthcoming website, Even though I think that I`m Superman sometimes, I really don`t have an "S" on my chest! LOL

     Perhaps you`re overextended. As a matter of fact, you`re feeling it right now. You may be overextended because you`ve taken on too much. Think very seriously about what you can continue to commit to, as opposed to what you have to give up. The reality is, you may disappoint some people. As you did, you have to make a choice: What is the greater good at this time in your life? Who will benefit when you become more focused? How much more profitable will your business be if you can focus solely upon growing it?  Will your marriage improve?  Will your children be grateful that you have more quality (and quantity of time) time to spend with them?

     Family, I had to face the hard reality that I was doing too much. I`m the better because of it now. I pray the same for you.


One Love,





Food For Thought:


1.      Can you honestly say, I am overwhelmed right now?

2.     Why are you overwhelmed?

3.     If you have Yes to too many people, whom do you now need to say No to?

4.     If you have taken on too many projects, which ones do you have to give up?


For Your Encouragement:


            Take a moment.  Sit in a quiet place.  Allow your mind to visualize a new you.  A focused you.  What does that look like?  What does that feel like?  Allow those pleasant thoughts and feelings to permeate your being.  When you are ready, get up from that quiet place and create a plan to become the focused you that you want to be.