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Published:September 23rd, 2012 13:11 EST

Outrage: Dude Uses Girlfriend's Pooch To Beat Her

By Robert Paul Reyes

Authorities in Florida said they arrested a man accused of using his live-in girlfriend`s small dog as a weapon to strike her during an argument.

Police said in a report the girlfriend and her daughter arrived at their Sanford home Sept. 13 and the girlfriend said he freaked out when one of them tried to smoke crack cocaine. "



The two worst things a man can do are hit a woman and abuse an animal. This sorry excuse for a human being used his girlfriend`s tiny pooch as an instrument to beat her.

Granted, I can`t blame the dude for freaking out when he came home and discovered his girlfriend and her daughter smoking crack, but he shouldn`t have resorted to violence and animal cruelty.

The coward fled the scene on a bicycle with the hapless dog. He was charged with battery, criminal mischief and animal cruelty.

The only one I feel sympathy for is the poor dog; I hope he survived his harrowing ordeal. The crack head girlfriend deserves to have her head cracked open, but not at the hands of her boyfriend. I hope an apple falls on her head, and knocks some sense into her. The coward who hit his girlfriend and hurt the pooch deserves to be beat up in jail.

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