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Published:September 24th, 2012 15:21 EST

The Honey Boo Boo Nickname Generator: Get Ya A Cool Nickname!

By Robert Paul Reyes

I was born without a middle name, and I was envious of my siblings with three names. When I was a senior in high school I applied for a social security card and on the application I listed my name as " Robert Paul Reyes", I was so proud when I received my card with my full name. I no longer felt deprived as if I were missing a digit or a front tooth. I have used " Robert Paul Reyes"  in all my official documents since then, and for all intents and purposes it`s my official name.


Now I`m having a mid-life crisis, and I`m envious of athletes, celebs and even regular folks who are known by a catchy nickname.

Why can`t I have a cool nickname like Woopi Doopie , Speedy , or even Cereal Box Head ? I`m not going to change my byline to Cereal Box Reyes , but I would like to informally be known by a catchy nickname.

Now I and everybody else like me who dreams of having a nickname, can click "The Honey Boo Boo Name Generator":

The name generator comes up with a different nickname every time, but my favorite is, " Raspberry Rumple."

You`d betta rasprecognize fool!

Alana Thompson has two nicknames "Honey Boo Boo Child" and "Smoochie ", so you can try out a couple of nicknames and see what works out best for you.

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