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Published:September 25th, 2012 17:06 EST
Just Remember, Let's Work Together

Just Remember, Let's Work Together

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

My long-time, dear friend, Eric Shaw (an expert credit analyst and collection professional) is a life-long fan of the 1960`s band Canned Heat. He tells me that the band calls their most enthusiastic and devoted fans Heaters". Eric is an insider (and secretly a Heater) who is friends with the manager of the band so he knows a lot about them.

One of the great songs that that band produced in the 60s was called "Let`s Work Together". This should be every entrepreneur`s theme song because it describes the solution to the economic situation that we`re living through now.

"Let`s Work Together"
"Together we will stand, divided we`ll fall
Come on now people let`s get on the ball
And work together, come on, come on let`s work together, now, now people
Say now together we will stand, every boy, girl, woman, and man..."

Just for fun, you can watch the YouTube video here:
(Let`s Work Together by Canned Heat)

Entrepreneurs are struggling more than ever and as much as the media and the economists are trying to tell us the economy is getting better, for many smaller companies that it simply not true. For bigger companies with other big companies as customers, life is not so bad, especially if dollars are being generated internationally. But many small companies are struggling. Many entrepreneurs are still struggling.

The trick, whenever there`s this kind of distress and whenever many of us are struggling at the same time, is working together.

You probably know, I`ve been in the syndication business for most of my career. Syndication means pooling resources. Usually it means pooling capital to share risk between parties, but it also means pooling other resources. We pooled investors together so that they can use more capital and acquire more property and get economies of scale up delivering more dollars to everyone. But we also pool syndicators together so that they can eliminate some of the costs involved in doing their transactions and make doing these transactions possible for them.

These are times when entrepreneurs have to check their egos at the door and work together. If we`re not willing to do that and be smart in the face of these difficult economic times, then we probably are not going to succeed in the long run. That might mean taking a job at a company that you simply don`t want.

It`s always better to form teams and be smart instead of trying to do everything by yourself.

Our company, the Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC ( is an excellent example of how many syndicators have come together, put their resources, their skills, and their expertise, and their resumes together for the benefit of, not only raising capital into a pool, but also for the purpose of finding, acquiring, analyzing, rehabilitating, and managing properties so that both the investors and the promoters win. It`s a great formula and I recommend that you look for ways in your world to put groups of people together so that you too can benefit from the economies in scale that come from shared resources.

Just remember, let`s work together.

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Joel is CEO of Bullseye Capital, a full-service real estate company supporting owners and buyers of real estate assets with brokerage, leasing, property management, and mortgage services. Joel is also the founder of the Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC which is an investment company that acquires distressed real estate by working with accredited investors.

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