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Published:September 26th, 2012 11:22 EST
Bill Clinton Wants to Know if They Take Credit Cards in Heaven?

Bill Clinton Wants to Know if They Take Credit Cards in Heaven?

By SOP newswire2

What is your vision of the perfect heaven? Would it include your favorite pet? How about your family members? Would you want to barter for a better life in the hereafter? Our fascination with what comes next can be found throughout all of human history from ancient burial rites to the hit film Avatar.

The fascinating new book, Do They Take Credit Cards in Heaven? Economics in the Afterlife, by award winning economist Milica Z. Bookman, Ph.D., broadens the discussion by introducing postmortem economics. Far-fetched? Not really," says Dr. Bookman, Economists typically assert that economics is everywhere, that it is an integral part of human decision-making, and that it, for example, permeates our personal relationships. It stands to reason economics also shows up in people`s vision of the afterlife."

An economics professor at Saint Joseph`s University, Bookman was educated at Brown University (BA), London School of Economics (MSc) and Temple University (PhD). I teach my students economics is everywhere and a part of every decision they make, so when I faced a serious illness six year ago," explains Bookman, it seemed only natural to explore economics in the afterlife."

Do They Take Credit Cards in Heaven? takes the reader on a free-spirited tour of the afterlife. It uses economic concepts and principles to explore visions of the afterlife as they appear in mythology and religion, literature and music, popular culture and art, both throughout history and across the globe. Bookman`s research enables her to boldly tackle questions such as: do the dead have jobs, what is the price of admission into the hereafter, is there an energy crisis in hell, and can the dead outsource their sins?

At time humorous, occasionally controversial, and consistently thought-provoking, Do They Take Credit Cards in Heaven? explores:

  • It`s all about economics - even in the afterlife - Bookman explores life after death, across cultures and throughout history
  • Human visions of the afterlife are based on economics " and most of us are believers: 80% of Americans believe in life after death and most beliefs are formed by myths, legends or religion
  • Views of the afterlife are influenced by prevailing economic conditions - Islam`s heaven is full of water in contrast to the desert conditions of its origins and pop culture enthusiasts view the afterlife as full of high tech gadgets
  • Mortality - death is the one fate we all share and Bookman`s research has shown economics is indeed everywhere, including "the post-mortem
  • People want to be happy - in life and death they seek out visions that are unencumbered and lead to a happy eternity
  • Heaven and hell " it doesn`t matter ".economics shows up in both places

I love showing people how economics permeates our lives and shows up in the most unlikely places, comments Bookman. Examining economics in the afterlife is a great opportunity to inform, entertain and satisfy people`s curiosity about economics and death.

Milica Z. Bookman is a professor of economics at St. Joseph`s University in Philadelphia, USA. She earned degrees from Brown University (A.B.), the London School of Economics (M.Sc.), and Temple University (Ph.D.). She has published a dozen books and numerous articles on economics. Her research has earned the prestigious Tenglemann Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research. Milica divides her time between her university in Philadelphia, her home in Coral Gables, and her children in New York.


Who`s Reading Bookman - Former President Bill Clinton. Please read more at:

Do They Take Credit Cards in Heaven? is available on,, and through her website.