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Published:September 27th, 2012 15:00 EST

Taxi Driver's Boob Pics Shown At Gallery

By Robert Paul Reyes

"German cab driver and self-described lady whisperer is behind an art gallery exhibition featuring pictures of female passengers flashing their breasts.

Hans-Jurgen Watzlawek, 67, said his "Flash Berlin 0.1" exhibit at the Galeria Casablanca came from using his skills as a lady whisperer to convince more than 40 female passengers to flash their breasts for his camera during the past two years, Der Spiegel reported Thursday."



Only a boob would allow a cab driver to photograph her boobs. He may tell her that the photo is for an art exhibit, but for all she knows her pic may end up in a porn site.

This self-described "lady whisperer" is really a "ho whisperer", no lady would flash her breasts for a stranger.

Trying to define "art" is antithetical to the freedom and cutting edge spirit of art. The cab driver`s photo may be considered art, but I wouldn`t waste good money to see boobs of boobs.

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